We are Dog Lovers First and Foremost.

It was our love for dogs that led us down the path to create Bullyade, the ultimate dog hydration and vitamins supplement.

Who we are.

Bullyade is the creation of two original founders.

Sarah Perez

Co Founder / CEO / Owner ManMade Kennels

Todd Jirecek

Co Founder / Vice President

Sarah Perez

Sarah is the founder of ManMade kennels in Delaware and has over 10 years experience with breeding dogs. Sarah's passion is animals and everything about them.

Todd Jirecek

Todd is a 25 year health researcher. He also runs the show online at Bullyade.

Our Mission Statement

1 Bullyade's #1 concern is your dog. We care about the health and well-being of all dogs and want to make sure your K9 gets all the love and attention they deserve. We so so may dogs who were having issues with conditions like Parvo, that we couldn't take it any longer and decided to do something about it.

2It wasn't long before the full answer was right in front of us. Once we realized we could help we got to work creating the ultimate formula that would not only save dogs lives but also, provide the vitamins and minerals they needed on a daily basis. The result is what you see here on our website. Bullyade is one of the most complete vitamin and supplement products you can find for dogs anywhere.

3 So as the story goes, you gotta try it to believe what it can do for your dog and most dogs LOVE the taste. We invite you to try Bullyade for at-least one bottle and see how well your pup does.