Bullyade Black Friday Special – 1 Bottle of Bullyade & Recipe Book


Bullyade Vitamins and Electrolytes For Dogs (All Breeds)

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Bullyade Natural Dog Supplement 3.17oz (Per Bottle) with 18 Vitamins & Minerals Designed for Dogs. Replenishes Electrolytes for Dogs Fast, Quicker Safe Recovery from Parvo, Illness, Dehydration. Mixes with Water or Food. Yummy BEEF & Chicken Flavor.

  • Sells as an individual bottle of Bullyade.
  • Complete daily nutritional supplement for dogs
  • 3.17oz in each container (90 Grams Per Bottle)
  • Mixes with water or other liquid also can be sprinkled on food
  • Dogs love the meaty flavor No big pills to swallow
  • Filled with 18 essential vitamins & minerals
  • Rich electrolyte replenishment
  • Helps dogs stay well with better health
  • Faster recovery from viral infections like Parvo, Coccidia, And Distemper
  • Frequently recommended by Vets worldwide
  • For all breeds age 7¬†weeks and older
  • 100% Safe, all-natural: no side effects ever

1 bottle of Bullyade & Free Raw Diet Ebook

The Bullyade Black Friday Special Includes:

  • 1 Bottle of Bullyade
  • Free Raw Diet Recipes Ebook

This Black Friday special includes are Raw Diet recipes Ebook that usually sells for $9.99.


Bullyade Vitamins and Electrolytes For Dogs (All Breeds)