Bullyade Case Of 12 Chicken Flavor


Bullyade offers dealers our esteemed hydration product in a case of 12, ready for sale at your store.

Bullyade is the best selling hydration product for dogs around the world and comes in powder form.

Your customers can easily add it to water and serve as a delicious treat to their dogs.


In stock


Bullyade helps dogs reach their top potential everyday and adding Bullyade to your store will show you mean business. Bullyade coms in powder form and is packed full of electrolytes for dogs and vitamins for your dog.

Increased Energy

You will notice your dog have more energy and stamina for all types of situations.

Reasons to order today are:

  • A best selling product for your store or business.
  • Help sick dogs feel and get well.
  • Offer a product from a company who cares about dogs.
  • Stickers and selling info with every order.
  • World Class dealer support.