10 Best Over-The-Counter Medication You Can Use on Your Dog

10 Best over-the-counter medicine for dogs


Best Over-The-Counter Medication for dogs

Can dogs have aspirin? Loads of pet owners wonder if dogs can have over the counter medication. As it turns out, some over-the-counter medication used for humans can be used by dogs as well. We have compiled a list of 10 OTC meds you keep in your kitchen that can benefit dogs.

Wait, what? Share an aspirin with your dog? It does sound insane but it is not entirely impossible. Both human and pet medication share some common ingredients. However, there is a line to draw.

Before you give your dog any medication…

Find out if it is approved by a professional vet, to ensure it is safe for use on dogs. Though most over-the-counter medication will work on dogs, not all of them are safe. Ensure each ingredient in the medication is beneficial and not harmful to your pooch.

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Without further ado, here are some human meds your dog will find useful.

1. The Best Over the Counter Painkiller for dogs

Aspirin would be perfect to stop the inflammation on your dog. It also helps reduce pain, therefore, improving the well-being of your dog. With aspirin, you MUST be careful about the dosage you give to your pet. Too much aspirin can cause stomach problems, so please pay attention below.

Aspirin is only a last resort when there is no advanced medication for reducing pain and inflammation. If your pup gets bruised or stung by an insect in the wild, one aspirin tablet from your first aid kit will do. Do not give more than one aspirin a day for a maximum of two days. Ensure your pet eats a full meal when giving pain medication, and watch their stool closely.

Note: Tylenol or any pain medication with acetaminophen is not healthy for dogs. Acetaminophen can damage your pets stomach lining.  If you jumped the gun and gave your pet a pain medicine with acetaminophen, please contact a veterinarian immediately.

2. Best Dietary Supplements for dogs

Dogs need vitamins and minerals just like humans. This is especially true if your pup is not currently not given the best possible diet available. Over-the-counter vitamins and minerals can benefit your dog’s health in the long term. You just need to be sure that the supplements are developed by a reliable manufacturer.  Most FDA approved facilities follow the rules of the law to prevent any harm to your pet.

For dogs with joint health problems, omega-3 supplements will benefit their health. The supplements help reduce pain and inflammation felt in the joints. You do not have to worry about any side effects in your dogs which is always a plus.

Just like aspirin, human food supplements will have a certain degree of benefit to your dog. The downfall is, there are nutrients your dogs need that you cannot find in human supplements.  As your puppy begins to eat solid foods, fortify his health with pet supplements designed specifically for him.

Pet supplements like Bullyade contain over 18 vitamins and minerals in each retail bottle. Human supplements only carry about 13 essential vitamins (do the math). Also, pet supplements, like Bullyade, have a distinct flavor, chicken or beef, which your dog will like.

3. Cimetidine Tablets for dogs

One of the most unknown over the counter meds that can benefit dogs is Cimetidine tablets.  Cimedtidine tablets are used for curing gut issues. If your dog frequently suffers from hyperacidity, pop a cimetidine tablet in his next meal or drinking water. Another drug that works like cimetidine is Pepcid AC or Famotidine as it is clinically known. Both drugs not only curb acid production in the gut, but they also help soothe inflammation, heartburn, and difficulties in swallowing.

4. Artificial Teardrops for dogs

Ophthalmic lubricants or artificial tears help soothe inflammation of the eye. Does your pooch have reddened eyes? Easy, just add a few drops in his eyes and the inflammation should go away. Note that this solution works only for minor eye issues like irritation or reddening. If you notice white, green, or yellow discharge on your dog’s eye, it is time to see a vet. Ophthalmic lubricants also help treat mild conjunctivitis in dogs that cause the eyes to tear.

5. Dogs can use Antibiotic gels

Antibiotic gels like Neosporin can help clear infections on abrasions and minor cuts. Clean the affected part properly before applying the antibiotic gel on it. Doing this in two days will help clear infection and reduce inflammation.

Cover the affected area after applying the antibiotic gel. Some gels have a strong smell that will tempt your dog to lick the treated area. Also, take note that some antibiotic gels contain ingredients like hydrocortisone. Such ingredients will hinder the fast-healing process of wounds in dogs.

6. MiraLax works for dogs

Ever noticed your dog eating grass? This is because he feels constipated and is trying to find relief through vomiting. Rather than let him adopt such an unusual diet, why not add MiraLax in his food? MiraLax is an OTC medication that helps reduce constipation and the discomfort it comes with. Consult a trained vet for the proper dosage of this drug. Too much of it can cause diarrhea and dehydration in your dog.

7. Antihistamines for dogs

Antihistamine drugs like Benadryl can help reduce mild allergic reactions in dogs. Also in this category of drugs are Loratidine and cetirizine. These drugs can help reduce allergic reactions like hives, eye reddening, or itchiness in dogs.

8. Dogs can use Homeopathic Nose Drops

Homeopathic drops or Nose drops help clear congestion in the upper airways. Your dog can have the same benefits, especially in this summer season when he is likely to catch the sniffles. Nose drops help rinse the nose and leave it moisturizes; an added benefit for a dry muzzle. It also clears congestion and helps your dog breathe normally again.

Homeopathic Nose drops relieves sneezing, runny nose, congestion, and wheezing due to sinus infection.

9. Dogs can benefit from Corticosteroid gels, sprays, and creams

Corticosteroid meds like (Cortizone 10) help reduce inflammation that causes hot spots and red itchy patches. Such patches can be as a result of your dog getting stung by an animal or insect. Itchy patches may also be due to a reaction in your dog’s immune system. Using corticosteroid sprays help soothe pain or itchiness on the hot spots. Red hairless patches on your dog are easy giveaways that something is wrong, so please do your homework.

Note: Take care not to spray your dog’s eye. Some corticosteroid products contain alcohol which can sting the eye. Opt for corticosteroid gels and creams which are more user-friendly. Also, do not allow your pet to like the areas you treat.  Your dog may get an upset stomach.

10. Dramamine is a great medicine for dogs? 

Dramamine is a great over the counter medication.  It is used to treat vertigo and motion sickness in humans. As a dog owner, we all know dogs can get motion sickness too, especially when they stick their heads out a moving vehicle. Dramamine will relieve carsickness in dogs and also reduces drowsiness in your dog. Give your pet 25 to 50 milligrams of Dramamine one hour before traveling in a car, cats and small dogs should get about 12.5 milligrams.

What other human medications have you used on your dog? Leave a comment on our Bullyade Facebook Page and let us know. Remember, see a professional vet doctor before administering human meds on your dogs.


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