Why Bullyade?

Why Do I need Bullyade?

This is a questions we often get and we want to clear the air about why you should be using this fantastic product.  First of all, it doesn’t matter what type or breed of dog you have. Our product is great for all dog breeds. Also, bullyade can be a life saving aid or a competition optimizer.  The single most important fact is dogs dehydrate faster than anything on the planet. Have you ever seen a little dog with it’s tongue hanging out of it’s mouth, panting feverishly?

Bullyade Can Help Your Sick or Dehydrated Dog!

Bullyade Can Help your pet in loads of different ways.  Packed Full of Electrolytes and Vitamins, Bullyade helps your pet recover fast on days that can range from just a normal walk out on a hot evening to emergency situation where your pet may be suffering from Coccidia, Parvo in dogs, Any dog with diarrhea, or any dog dehydration issues. Bullyade Also Changes the flavor of your pets water to Beef or Chichen; a flavor they just cant resist. Just know this, electrolytes and vitamins on a hot summer day is not a want, its a need. Working dogs, competition dogs, military dogs, police dogs, sled dogs, sports dogs, dock diving and even SICK dogs NEED BULLYADE.  Its specifically designed for them.  Call us at 1-866-451-4802 if you have ANY QUESTIONS.