Parvo Treatment, Electrolytes for Dogs, A Complete Multivitamin and Hydration Product

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Bullyade is the best product on the market for Parvo Recovery Treatment. It replenishes electrolytes faster then water and is packed full of Vitamins and Minerals for dogs. It includes 100% all safe natural vitamins.

Not only does Bullyade change the flavor or your pets water to beef or chicken, but it also helps to control body temperature, which is important as a parvo treatment. It supports thyroid function, red cell development, bone formation, muscle contraction, over 200 metabolic processes (including the whole immune system, production of insulin, sex hormones, growth hormone, cortisone), and plays an integral role in DNA synthesis, and therefore cellular reproduction. Total veterinary support for prevention of health ailments.

“Bullyade Supports”

Heart and Immune System • Bone Growth & Development • Electrolyte Levels & Recovery • Thyroid & Liver Function • Red Cell Development • & So Much More…

Champion Breeders use Bullyade!


The #1 Shorty Bull owner in the world, BOBBY HEUMANN uses Bullyade daily for his award winning dog Grand Champion Savage. "I endorse and recommend Bullyade to anyone who has a dog."

7 Best in Shows - #1 Shorty Bull in the world (Amerian Bully Kennel Club)


Bullyade can be used by all dog breeds!


Bullyade is also a full vitamins

Packed full of vitamins, Bullyade will give your dog the nutrients and care needed for better skin, coat and more. Bullyade supports animals in many ways, even if they are infected. For example; did you know that when your puppy is sick or infected and suffering symptoms from Diarrhea due to Parvo or Coccidia or distemper. Dehydration is the number one cause of death?

Bullyade helps your dog skip the antibiotics. Bullyade can help prevent this and Replenish fluid and Electrolytes as a parvo treatment, faster then water, and assist in your pets recovery. Also during the summer months dogs over heat and Bullyade can help treating them. Ohhh and one last thing, wouldn’t it be nice to give our best friend a few more options other then just water for the rest of their lives.

BULLYADE changes the flavor of their water to Beef or Chicken, a flavor they just can’t resist.
*Results Will Vary*

“Total Dog Hydration.”
Everything, Any Dog Needs To Perform Better In Life!

It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have and if their a working dog, or have a illness that causes vomiting and diarrhea or the highly contagious canine parvovirus. Or, your dog might just play out in the sun daily. Either way, this is what Bullyade is made for. To help keep your dog healthy and hydrated all day long, and at the top of their game giving them total Peak Performance


bullyade electrolytes and vitamins for dogs