Electrolytes & Vitamins For Dogs

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Champions Use Bullyade Ranked Number One Shorty Bull owner in the world, BOBBY HEUMANN uses Bullyade.

I endorse and recommend Bullyade to anyone who has a dog.” 7 Best in Shows – #1 Shorty Bull in the world (Amerian Bully Kennel Club)

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Actor Dean Cain Endorses Bullyade! Click the picture to see his video.

Dean Cain also known as Clark Kent/Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman lets the world know they should pick up some Bullyade.

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Everyday Dog Owners Use Bullyade Dale Walton Jr. and Jessica DeMarce.

I highly endorse Bullyade.  Not only does it help my dog in the summer months, it’s also a great vitamin.  My dogs all get up and go now more than ever!

How Electrolytes & Vitamins For Dogs Can Help Bullyade helps your dog skip the antibiotics & more!

Parvo Treatment

Parvo claims the lives of many dogs yearly.  Bullyade gives your dog much need vitamins and helps your dog rehydrate during those critical days they need to recover.


Every year especially during summer months, your dog needs to stay hydrated after that trip to the park.  Bullyade is a perfect choice!

100% All Natural

Bullyade is 100% all natural and will not harm your dog in any way.

All the Vitamins in Bullyade are used by Veterinarians across the world.

Developed By Breeders

Bullyade was developed by dog breeders for dog owners.

The Vitamins and Minerals are designed as a complete multi-vitamins for dogs.

Flavors Your Dogs Water

You love your best friend.  Wouldn’t it be nice to give them some flavored water daily? Bullyade changes your pets water to Beef or Chicken Flavor.

Total Dog Health Support.

Bullyade is a complete Multi-Vitamin for dogs young and old. Bullyade supports your dogs heart, immune system, bone growth & development, electrolyte levels & recovery, thyroid & liver function, red cell development & so much more.It is the Best Electrolytes and Vitamins supplement for dogs.

Edward Perez of Manmade Kennels, explains what Bullyade is.

How Bullyade Helps!

Bullyade helps with many ailements. 

Bullyade is packed full of electrolytes & vitamins designed to give your dog the nutrients need throughout all life stages.

Bullyade supports animals in many ways; For example, did you know that when your puppy is sick or infected and suffering symptoms from Diarrhea due to Parvo or Coccidia or distemper dehydration is the number one cause of death?

Bullyade helps your dog skip the antibiotics.  Bullyade can help prevent this and replenish lost fluids & electrolytes as a parvo treatment, and it does this much faster than water.  Bullyade helps your pet recover from parvo way faster then traditional methods.

Also during the summer months, dogs overheat and Bullyade can help treat them.

Bullyade has 18 vitamins and minerals designed specifically for dogs.  It helps in loads of different ways.  Don’t take our word on it, check out the Pet Health Learning Center (There you will find information on each vitamin and mineral in bullyade)

Ohhh and one last thing, wouldn’t it be nice to give our best friend a few more options other than just water for the rest of their lives.

BULLYADE changes the flavor of their water to Beef or Chicken, a flavor they just can’t resist.
*Results Will Vary*

Bullyade Helps With!

The Best Vitamin Supplement for dogs - Bullyade. Bullyade is 100% total support for your dog's health.

Bullyade Comes In 2 Flavors Wouldn't it be nice to add some flavor to your dog's water?

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Bullyade Chicken Flavor Buy one or many.

Bullyade chicken flavor.

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Bullyade Beef Flavor Buy one or as many as you need.

Our 2nd most popular flavor.

Frequently Asked Bullyade Questions

Why should I consider Bullyade?

Bullyade is DESIGNED FOR ALL BREEDS.  Bullyade is packed full of Electrolyte and has 18 Vitamins & Minerals that support your pets total health.  Each ingredient in Bullyade has been carefully added to help support all life stages of your pets growth.  Bullyade is created and manufactured in the United States.  Bullyade supports Parvo Recovery, Boosts your pets immune system, Helps pets recover from dehydration, assists with Red Blood Cell development, and much much more…

How will Bullyade help my dog?

Bullyade is used to treat coccidea, diarrhea, dehydration, heat exhaustion, skin and coat problems, immune system deficiency, digestive system problems, calcium deficiency, and much more.  Not only does Bullyade support so much of you pets total health, it also gives your pet drinking options for the first time in their life.  You can pack up a few water bottle for your pet and take them with you to the beach for the day to ensure your pet stays protected from the warm weather.

Is Bullyade a vitamin?

Bullyade is a complete Vitamin Supplement for dogs.   Bullyade is specially designed to replace electrolytes and vitamins that are depleted when dogs are sick, exposed to prolonged periods of hot weather, and when suffering from heat stroke. Specially formulated to a dog’s specific needs, it’s safe for dogs of all ages. Available in beef and chicken flavor, it offers a flavorful drink that dogs like. Bullyade also provides sponsorship for amazing pets that are making a mark on the canine world.

How long till I see results?

Results very based on the individual pets needs; One thing that you will notice immediately is that your pet is recovering from dehydration.  The beef and chicken flavored electrolytes are a highly palatable drink that allows your pet to enjoy their drink even when they are not interested in eating or drinking.  You can read some of The study, published in open-access journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science   Here it explains how flavored electrolytes can and have help many different breeds of dogs.