Can Dogs Get Coronavirus? Tips to Keep Your Dog Protected

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus? Tips to Keep Your Dog Protected

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus? Tips to Keep Your Dog Protected

With increasing scares about the coronavirus, one can’t help but wonder if our fur babies are safe from all the chaos. Can dogs get coronavirus? If so, what can you do about it? Read on!

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus belongs to a group of viruses that produce symptoms similar to the common cold. But the coronavirus can mutate and adapt to all species. Also, the coronavirus is species-specific which means humans and pets are each affected by a different strain of the virus.

How does coronavirus spread?

The first outbreak of the coronavirus was passed from animal to humans. From here, the virus spread rapidly through human to human transmission. A healthy person is vulnerable to the virus if;

  • They are in a crowded or poorly sanitized area
  • They touch the skin of an infected person
  • Poorly handle the waste of an infected person
  • The viral becomes airborne, from an infected person, and is inhaled

Symptoms of Wuhan coronavirus begin to show within 4 to 6 days after infection. But some people are asymptomatic to the infection and the virus can live in them undetected.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

In humans, it takes about 4 to 10 days for symptoms to show. After this incubation period, possible symptoms include;

  • A runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Persistent cough
  • Migraine
  • Recurring fever

According to health experts, the coronavirus is not yet as severe as its counterparts SARS ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). But with rapid mutation of the virus and how slow the symptoms manifest, coronavirus has morphed into a silent but deadly disease.

Can dogs get coronavirus from humans?

Fortunately, it is very unlikely for dogs to contract coronavirus from humans. For cross-species infections to occur, the virus has to undergo a series of mutations. If this was to happen, then your dog  may be able to get the coronavirus from humans.

Science describes Wuhan coronavirus as humanized which means it only targets humans.  Your dog is safe from contracting the viral infection from an infected human.

Can dogs get coronavirus?

It is unlikely for your dog to contract Wuhan coronavirus. But dogs do suffer a form of this disease known as pantropic canine coronavirus.

While the coronavirus affects the respiratory system in humans, in dogs, it targets the digestive system. Canine coronavirus usually causes diarrhea in dogs. Other symptoms of canine coronavirus include;

  • Lethargy
  • Reduced appetite
  • Diarrhea with a yellow tinge and foul odor
  • Blood or mucus in stool

Coronavirus often affects dogs with weak immune systems. This means that your puppy or senior pooch is more susceptible to the disease.

Can dogs get coronavirus symptoms from other diseases?

Coronavirus in dogs is often misdiagnosed because it mimics the symptoms of other viral diseases.  It is not uncommon for coronavirus to hide behind parvovirus in dogs. If a dog, especially a puppy, has both parvo and coronavirus, the symptoms will be more severe.

Your dog needs to get checked by a professional vet to rule out coronavirus. If your dog has diarrhea, you should not suspect coronavirus right away. Other diseases cause loose stool in dogs  like;

Your dog can also get diarrhea from a sudden change of diet. This could be a new brand of kibble he was not eating before.

How do you treat coronavirus in dogs?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for coronavirus in both humans and animals. Luckily, dogs usually contract a mild form of coronavirus. Though the symptoms are uncomfortable to experience, your pooch usually gains his health within a few days.

But if your pup gets a severe form of pantropic canine coronavirus, quick medical intervention is necessary. This helps contain the virus and save your pup’s life in the long run.

Here is what you can do to save your dog’s life.

Take your dog to the vets

Take your dog to the vet. Once a proper diagnosis is made, your vet will prescribe a cocktail of drugs for the dog. Medication for coronavirus usually clears the symptoms of the disease. This leaves room for the body to solely tackle the virus.

Hydrate your dog

Constant diarrhea causes your dog to lose body fluids and electrolytes. Keeping your dog hydrated helps replenish the lost fluids. In severe cases of dehydration, you may have to administer Sub q fluids directly into your dog’s skin. Also, Sub q fluids are necessary if your dog is suffering from kidney disease that causes diarrhea.

Once your dog feels better, keep replenishing his water and electrolyte levels. One way to do this is by adding Bullyade supplement into the dog’s drinking water. Bullyade packs plenty of electrolytes and all the necessary vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

For young and old dogs with coronavirus, Bullyade is great for strengthening the dog’s immune system. Add Bullyade to the dog’s drinking water and meals to keep them healthy enough to fight the virus.

Quarantine the sick dog

As much as Bingo may not like it, it is necessary to quarantine him until he is fully cured. Coronavirus may not transfer from pet to man, and vice versa, but it can rapidly spread from pet to pet.

Dogs can get coronavirus;

  • Yes if they touch the poop of an infected dog
  • If they eat from contaminated food bowls or containers
  • Also if they hang around an infected dog

Also, bacteria and viruses thrive in a dirty environment. Ensure the dog is quarantined in a properly sanitized area to prevent spreading the virus.

Vaccination for dogs with coronavirus

Vaccination helps build immunity against various diseases. A vaccine for coronavirus exists but it is not ideal for all dogs. Administering coronavirus vaccine depends on the risk involved and the lifestyle of the dog.


Dogs cannot get coronavirus from humans. But canine coronavirus exists and it can be fatal if not diagnosed and the symptoms addressed early. Ensure a professional vet rules out the possibility of coronavirus in your dog. The best way to manage diarrhea in dogs, from a viral infection, is by keeping the dog hydrated and electrolytes replenished with Bullyade water.

Increase your dog’s ability to fight viral infections. Order Bullyade today!

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