5 Easy Tips To Help Your Dog Drink More Water

help your dog drink more water

How do you help your dog drink more water when they are being too fussy about it? Dogs, especially puppies, need a lot of water to remain hydrated. But if your doggo is not hydrating enough, it can lead to two or more health problems.

Why is water important to dogs?

Dogs need all the water they can get to help with metabolic processes. Enough water improves a dog’s brain activity as well as digestion. A huge percentage of your dog’s blood consists of water which also helps with blood flow.

Water is essential for clearing waste and toxins from a dog’s body. It also helps transport water to all the vital organs in the body. If your dog is dehydrated, most of the body organs won’t function correctly.

For dogs, drinking is also an effective way of cooling the body in summer. Dogs do not have sweat pores like humans. They can only dissipate excess body heat through their muzzle and paw pads. Panting is also another way for dogs to cool down.

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A young puppy requires about one and a half cups of water at a two-hour interval. Older puppies will require half an ounce or a full ounce of water per pound of body weight. So, a dog weighing 30 pounds will require 15 to 25 ounces of water a day.

Why do dogs refuse to drink?

Most dogs don’t like the taste of plain water. They will only give it a few slurps then be on their way. Some dogs get picky especially when their drinking bowl is dirty, displaced, or shared by another pet.

It is why dogs easily fall victim to dehydration. Fortunately, it is possible to help your dog drink more water no matter the time of day. You only need to come up with a hydration schedule for your dog.

Other reasons your dog won’t drink his water are diseases like distemper or parvo. A help for this can be Bullyade.

Tips to help your dog drink more water

Your dog is less likely to drink if his water bowl is far to reach. Always keep your dog’s bowl closer to him. Place it next to his feeding bowl or in places where your dog loves to hang out.

Pup tip: Place multiple water bowls at strategic places in the house. Always clean your dog’s bowl after they drink. Also, ensure your dog is drinking from his own bowl. Dogs scent mark everything they own. Your dog is unlikely to drink from a bowl he does not recognize.

Another tip is sprucing up plain water to taste better for a dog. Mixing chicken or bone broth with water will entice your dog to drink. Alternatively, add Bullyade pet supplement to your dog’s drinking water. Bullyade has more vitamins and minerals that will benefit your dog.

Should a housetraining dog drink lots of water?

A dog that is house training still needs its daily intake of water. However, puppies struggle to hold their bladder compared to adult dogs.

To mitigate this, you have to form a strict drinking schedule for your dog. The best times to hydrate a house-training puppy is;

  • When having its meal
  • Two to three hours before bedtime

Always remove the drinking bowl after your puppy drinks. Ensure the puppy has a potty break before you tuck him in. It prevents the puppy from having accidents in the house.

Pup tip: puppies go for a potty break an hour before or after they wake up or go to sleep. They also go immediately after eating.

As a rule of thumb, puppies can hold their bladder an hour equal to how old they are. A three-month-old puppy can hold its bladder for 2 to 3 hours. Any longer than that and the pup will have an accident.

Ways to help your dog drink more water

If your dog completely ignores his water bowl, there are other ways to hydrate him. Here are some great ways to improvise.

A dog fountain

A dog fountain is ideal for a pup that loves to slupr tiny streams of H2O as opposed to drinking from a bowl. To help your dog drink more water, set up a modern dog fountain in your home. Some high quality dog fountains include sensors that trigger water release whenever your dog is nearby. It is a convenient way for your pup to stay hydrated through the day.

Elevated drinking bowl

Elevate bowls are ideal for dogs that get neck discomfort when drinking from too low on the ground. Elevated bowls are suspended on durable frames that can be adjusted to fit the dog’s height.

Also, get bigger drink bowls that will accommodate your pup as he grows. Ensure you clean the bowls and refill it with fresh water. Also, get a bowl that your dog likes. Some dogs get sensitive to the sound of collars clanking on metallic bowls.


Pupsicles are a delicious way to hydrate your dog. You can make pupsicles from watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, blueberries, and bananas. Blend the fruits chill them overnight, and let your dog suck on a pupsicle to cool off. Remove the seeds and core of the apple and melon before blending.

Pooch smoothies

Pooch smoothies are another great option to help your dog drink more water. Blending fruits with greens add lots of vitamins and nutrients to your dog. Make sure you do not use any ingredient that can harm your dog. Do not use milk if your dog is lactose intolerant. Avoid processed sugar and instead, use honey which is healthy.

Let your dog drink from your hand

Maybe your dog prefers your hand to his bowls. Toy breeds like Chihuahuas find it intimate to drink from the owner’s hand. If your dog wants to drink from your hand, let him. It is his way of bonding with you.

Wrapping up

Dogs can be picky about hydrating especially if it’s plain old water. Some dogs may find it hard to drink from a dirty or clanky bowl. As the pet parent, always ensure that your dog has enough drinking water. If you are house training a puppy, maintain a strict feeding routine and always give your dog water with his meals. Help your dog drink more water by adding broth or Bullyade flavored supplements to his drinking water.

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