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What is Parvo?

Before we talk about the parvo virus cure, lets understand what parvo is.  The Canine Parvo Virus is a viral disease that is very contagious affecting dogs, commonly known as Parvo or CPV. The parvo virus produces symptoms and diseases that can be life-threatening and even fatal (even with proper treatment).

In the beginning the parvo virus works extremely fast by dividing cells. A number of areas within your pets body can be affected–such as the small intestine lining and bone marrow. This may cause blood in their stool.

The parvo virus can also cause heart damage in young dogs, which can lead to lifelong heart problems. This is the result of the parvo virus attacking the circulatory system’s white blood cells, killing them off by suppressing the bone marrow. A multivitamin ahead of time can support the system’s white blood cells.


First things first, any dog currently affected by CPV (Canine Parvo Virus) should be isolated from all other dogs.

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If you have had a dog in your home that has had the parvo virus you will need to perform an extensive disinfection. The parvo virus is extremely resilient and can thrive in warm areas for many years. If proper disinfecting is not performed, it can still infect other animals for years.

You should pay special attention indoors. Be sure to clean your dogs bedding, food areas, food and water bowls, and all the surfaces your dog has used.  To make a disinfectant at home, try mixing one part of bleach to 30 parts of water. It is recommended to allow the bleach to sit for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Except on hard surfaces, you can’t use this home made disinfectant outdoors. The plants will be killed by using it on your lawn or garden!  You can purchase products like ProVet Logic to spray your yard.

Preventing Parvo – Vaccinate!

For young puppies, vaccinations are most effective way to prevent parvo.  Be sure your pet is kept up to date through adolescence. The parvo vaccine should never be skipped over, as it is a core vaccine for dogs of all ages.

In the first few months of age, a commonly suggested pup vaccination protects against not only parvovirus, but also hepatitis, distemper, parainfluenza, and leptospirosis. These vaccine types are commonly referred to as the 5-in-1 vaccines.

Vaccines are usually started somewhere between six and eight weeks of age and boosters are continued every four weeks until the pup is between sixteen and twenty weeks of age.

Typically the parvovirus lasts between five to seven days (a full recovery usually takes around two weeks). Every dose given to treat parvo symptoms can cost between $500 and $2000 at most veterinarian clinics. It is estimated that full hospital care can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000 per dog for a single outbreak.


The goal is to outlast the Parvovirus; In order to do this we have to address the symptoms. This could include using intravenous fluids {drip}, when your puppy is dehydrated.

Pedialyte or Bullyade can help hydrate your puppy at home, if going to a veterinarian is not an option.

A Transfusion of blood may be needed, if the number of blood cells in your pet is low.

Antibiotics are given as a preventative, just in case bacteria enters your pets bloodstream.

Most human antibiotics like amoxicillin are the same given to pets.  Contact your local veterinarian to ask if any of the antibiotics laying around your home may work. DO NOT, take it upon your self to make that decision….

Bullyade Electrolytes and Vitamins for dogs can be given, when puppy is lacking nutrients & dehydrated.  This is important if your dog is not holding down food.

Anti Nausea medication is given when your pet is throwing up. Cerenia is usually the first option given by veterinarians. Diarrhea control medication is given when your pet has diarrhea. Metronidazole is usually the first option given by veterinarians. Small dosages of Pepto Bismol can help if you cannot afford veterinary treatment.

Parvo Virus Cure Advice

The parvo virus cure is not done quickly or instantly, so stay focused and balanced during your puppies parvo recovery. Remember your dog may have to stay in the vet clinic or hospital until the symptoms subside. If treating parvo at home, keep your pet in a safe quite place.  Monitor your pets parvo recovery, but ensure they get plenty of rest, fluids, and vitamins.

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