Top 3 Dog Exercise Equipment for the Summer; and Winter

Best Dog Exercise Equipment

Top 3 Dog Exercise Equipment for the Summer; and Winter

The sun is out and there could not be a perfect time to exercise your dog. While you are tempted to keep things outdoors, some indoor workouts would be great for your dog as well. The best part, you do not have to invest in expensive equipment to exercise your dog.

Dog exercise equipment is not for the summer alone. You will still need some of the indoor equipment come winter. No matter the seasonal changes outside, it is important to keep your dog healthy and active.

Why Dogs Need Exercise

Human beings need to maintain an active lifestyle to remain healthy and youthful. It is no different in the canine world. Your pooch requires lots of exercise for a number of reasons.

  • Dogs need to release pent up energy

Active dogs, especially puppies, have a lot of pent up energy they need to expel. When such dogs are not engaged enough, they end up being destructive. May that chewed shoe, displaced sock or constant whining is your dog’s way of saying his potential is not being fully utilized.

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So exercising your dog helps keep the aggressive pooch calm. Toy breeds have more energy to expel compared to larger dog breeds. So if you have a poodle, Chihuahua, or corgi with you, that dog needs some workout.

  • How to Improve and maintain a strong core in dogs

Humans spend hours in the gym to improve their gait and tone up. It is the same for dogs that constantly exercise. Working out improves your dog’s main muscles keeping him active and fast throughout his life. Muscle and core training is important especially for dogs in their senior years.

  • Keep your dogs weight in check

Maybe you have noticed your cute furry friend looks a bit out of shape around the waist. It is true that dogs gain a lot of weight if they lead sedentary lives. Weight gain is hard to notice in dogs that have a thick coat. So to be on the safe side, it is always a great idea to exercise your dog.

  • Dog Behaviors

Did you know that exercising has a direct correlation to how your dog behaves? Your dog may be whining and barking a lot simply because no one gives him attention. Whenever you go out, he is madly dashing about from corner to corner and does not listen to your commands. Exercising your dog helps keep him in check.

  • To teach your dog new tricks

Exercising can double as a training session for your dog. You want to teach your dog how to sit, roll over, or not bark incessantly? You can introduce all these tricks in your next exercise sessions. Some workout routines require the dog to listen to your commands which naturally makes the pup a good listener.

When your dog jumps over or goes through obstacles in a workout session, the same discipline is transferred in his daily living as well. Your pup learns to listen to what you say because you established authority during the workout session. This is why trained dogs have a strong bond with their trainers.

  • Dog Fun and Bonding

While your dog is working those cores, he is also having fun with his favorite human. Workout sessions are great moments to bond with your dog. You get to learn more about the dog’s personality and how well it responds to commands. You get to master his temperament and use that to teach new tricks and behavior. Introduce more exercise sessions in your dog’s life and see how friendly and warm the dog grows towards you.

The three top exercise equipment for dogs

So now you understand why exercise for dogs is important. This summer is a great time to exercise your dog and teach him new tricks. Remember, workouts do not have to happen outdoor as well. Sometimes it gets too hot outside and you have to work out indoors.

Do not worry, we got you covered with the three best exercise equipment for dogs. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

Automatic Pet Ball Launcher

A spontaneous ball launcher is a great way to teach your dog new tricks. Dogs love to play fetch and how best to do it than with a tennis ball launched straight out of a timed machine?

Modern pet ball launchers have automatic settings and motion sensors. This means you do not have to be around all the time for your dog to play fetch. You can use the pet ball launcher both indoor and outdoor.

This exercise equipment teaches your dog speed and agility. You can vary the distance and angle of the throws. This helps vary the intensity of the training for your dog. And when you are out during errands or a bit busy to engage your dog, just turn on the launcher. Your dog will lose track of time fetching every tennis ball flung his way.

Pet Obstacle Course

You have probably seen professional obstacle courses at a pet competition. The good news is that you can make your own obstacle course in your backyard. You also do not have to invest a lot of money building a DIY pet obstacle course.

A homemade agility course for dogs can comprise of an old tire suspended from a tree. You can teach your dog to jump through the tire to the other end.  Vary the height of the tire loop to make the course more difficult. Introduce other tricks like tossing a ball for your ball to catch before jumping through the obstacle loop.

Dog Jumping Bars

You can also build adjustable jumping bars out of old pieces of wood. These work the same way as the suspended tires. Create obstacle tunnels out of flexible material like corrugated sheets. Make the tunnels narrower or bigger depending on how agile your dog is.

If you do not have it in you to build an obstacle course, you can always order one online. Ensure the obstacle has assorted training items to work out every muscle in your dog.

Pet Treadmill

A pet treadmill is ideal for both summer and winter. Your dog gets to do his normal runs even when it is extremely cold or hot outside. Why not get a second treadmill for your dog and make him your official gym buddy?

A treadmill for dogs comes with varying speed levels. This helps train your dog on how to be fast and still have his balance. Pet treadmills also help your dog exercise his core muscles.

If your dog has never been on a treadmill before, it is best to start him off on low speeds. Encourage the dog with tasty frozen treats so he stays motivated and learns faster.

Best Dieting for your Dog

Staying fit and healthy requires 20% of exercise and 80% of proper dieting. If you want your dog to keep the impressive results he gets from his training sessions, give him a balanced diet as well. You may go for high-quality commercial kibble that has all the vital nutrients and multivitamins for your dog’s health.

Alternatively, you can add Bullyade pet supplements to your dog’s meals to make up for the missing multivitamins and minerals. Bullyade also replenishes the electrolytes lost when your dog pees or sweats. As you exercise your dog this summer, keep him fueled and hydrated with Bullyade in his drinking water or in their food.

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