5 Simple Steps to Potty Train Your Puppy

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POTTY TRAINING YOUR DOG5 Simple Steps to Potty Train Your Puppy

Puppy potty training

Puppy potty training can be hard if it is your first time to own a dog. However, there are simple steps you can take to train your pooch to do his business at the right place and time. For best results, potty training should start when the pup is over a month old.

Step One: Show Him Where to Go

There are three ways to potty train your puppy. They include crate training, puppy pads, and taking him outside. Each of these options comes in handy in different situations.

Crate training is best for a one-month-old puppy. This will help confine him in one place where he can do his business. But you have to clean the crate when he is done because he will not like to sleep where he made his mess.

As the pup grows, start teaching him to go outside to do his business. By this time he will have developed his own way of letting you know he wants to go. Some dogs will whine and look restless while others will scratch at the door or their crate.

Puppy pads are simply pieces of paper that your dogs can relieve themselves on. Puppy pads are ideal for house training especially in winter when the dog cannot go outside. They also come in handing when taking your dog for walks.

Step Two: Control His Diet

Puppies are yet to develop a consistent digestive system. So you should avoid overfeeding them as the excess will only end up as a stinky mess in your home. Break down their meals into three small portions a day. Ensure you are also feeding them high-quality food so their digestive system gets stronger faster.  You can add some Bullyade to their diet, it will help their digestive system absorb more nutrients and process the food better.

Step Three: Monitor His Routine

Note down the times your puppy needs to go handle his business. Normally, it should be first thing when they wake as well as before they go to sleep. Other times your puppy will feel pressed is after playing, spending time in his crate or from waking up. Some pups will want to go after eating or drinking from their bowl.

Step Four: Clean Up After Him

Whenever your dog makes a mess away from his designated spot, clean after him right away. This will help get rid of any odor that he left behind which will likely draw him back to that spot. Remember dogs have a stronger sense of smell than humans so use strong detergents that are specifically designed to get rid of urine and fecal odor from dogs.

Step Five: Be Patient and Rewarding

Patience and rewards are two things you will need the most in puppy potty training. Whenever he makes a mess in the wrong place, just clean up and continue with the training. Never yell or use harsh words on your puppy, it can damage his personality and only make him scared of you.

Instead, reward him with a doggy treat whenever he does the right thing. Soon he will start associating rewards with doing the right thing, and it is all the motivation he needs.


Puppy potty training is easy if you follow all the above steps carefully. Remember, every dog is unique and will respond differently to the training. Nevertheless, being patient and rewarding him with treats will eventually get him to do his business right.

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