How to Adjust a Dog to a New Home or Family

how to introduce a dog to a new family or home

How to Adjust a Dog to a New Home or Family

Changing environments for your dog can be hard especially if he has grown to adore your company and lifestyle. Therefore, it is important that you make the transition as easy and comfortable for him. Whether it is shifting to a new home or changing families, these tips should help prevent your pooch from developing pet anxiety.

  • Don’t be nervous around your dog

Dogs tend to mirror the emotions of their master. So if you feel anxious about the change, he will become unwary as well. Instead, maintain a calm demeanor and always be yourself around me. Be as happy and jovial in your new home as you were in your old one. The same spirit should be maintained when introducing him to his new owners.

  • Introduce the new owners of the dog

If your dog is moving to a new home with new owners, you have to socialize him to that environment in advance. Start making frequent trips to his new owner’s home. Let him explore the environment and even play with his new owner’s kids or pets.

Try leaving him with the new owner for an hour or a day. The success of this step will depend on how attached the dog is to you. Pedigree dogs like poodles and Chihuahua are known to form very strong bonds with their owners. So you will need to be patient as this step may take a while.

  • Practice gradual scarceness with your dog

Don’t just vanish on him suddenly. Once you have moved him to his new owners, stick around for a while. By now he is accustomed to spending the night at the new home. So he needs to also get comfortable with the idea of you not being there. Again it may take a while depending on your dog’s temperament.

  • Bring your dogs stash with him

Whether your dog is shifting homes or owners, ensure he still has his old stash with him. This can be a favorite toy, drinking bowl, sleeping mat, or even his favorite leash. These will be his items of comfort when he finally realizes you are not around anymore. This also prevents him from developing anxiety from everything becoming suddenly new.

  • Maintain your dogs daily routines

If you are moving to a new home, maintain the schedule you have always had with him. Take him out for walks as usual so he can explore the new neighborhood. Continue training him as usual or cuddling with him over your favorite show.

Continue bathing and grooming him as usual. Even though the environment has changed, the familiarity of routine helps keep him calm.

  • Stick to your dogs diet and supplements

Likewise, ensure he sticks to the diet he loves and the pet supplements that boost his health. Ensure you pass this information to the new owner as well. Let the dog remain on the brand of kibble and multivitamins he used to.


Changing environments for your dog is not easy but manageable. Just follow these six step to socializing him to a new home or owner. It definitely will suck to say your last goodbyes, but you will have the peace of mind that he will continue being a loving dog wherever he will be.

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