Benefits of a Therapy Dog

benefits of a therapy dog

Benefits of a Therapy Dog

A London busker, battling heroin addiction, comes home one day to find a stray ginger cat stranded near his apartment. He takes the cat in, names him Bob, and the new pet provides the companionship and encouragement he needs to fully recover from his dark past. This is how much having a therapy pet can do to change your life.

If you are not a cat person, a great alternative would be getting a therapy dog. A therapy canine pet would provide the same emotional support you need to get through a hard period in life. What’s more, dogs are known to be more active and affectionate compared to cats.

Who needs a therapy dog?

Sometimes taking care of ourselves can be hard especially if we are going through a tough time. However, in such times, you can learn how to love yourself back by caring for another animal. A therapy dog adds responsibility on your hands which helps you regain perspective in life. Caring for your comfort pet gets your mind off the problems at hand, and in return, he will give you the love and affection you cannot receive from humans.

A therapy dog is a perfect companion for those going through disorders like depression, anxiety, or grief from the loss of a loved one. Interestingly, comfort dogs are also great mates to help kill boredom and loneliness. Research in health shows that having a therapy dog present helps patients recover twice as fast and reduce the dependency on medical drugs.

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Dog Breeds that make great therapy dogs

Any dog is capable of showing love and support during those dark times. However, there are particular dog breeds whose temperaments qualify them as the best therapy pups. Some of these dogs include;

American Bully

American Bullies (although they come in many sizes) are known to be strong smart and extremely loving.  This breed is a highly adaptable breed, as they are extremely laid back companion dogs while relaxing around the home, and have high energy levels while outdoors or being called to work. The American Bully breed is a great therapy dog for individuals that need a little more sense of security.  Their strength and size are an added benefit to individuals that need a little extra help getting around while outdoors.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are large dog breeds that are loved for their temperament. They are always in a good mood and are eager to engage in any activity you want them to. Labrador retrievers make great companions when going out for walks or playing in the park. They will also be willing to exercise with you helping you get both physically and mentally fit.

Yorkshire Terrier

He is a tiny fluffy fellow with what you would mistake as a stern face. However, the Yorkshire terrier only needs a little motivation to bring out his lovable personality. He is very intelligent and forms a strong bond with his owner.

Yorkshires are great for people suffering from depression and won’t go outside. The Yorkshire pup will gladly play with you indoors. Moreover, his agility will always boost your moods and morale, helping you surge forward even when the times are hard.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier is another tiny fellow who is fluffy, like the Yorkshire and has the solemn face of a pug. His superpower is uplifting your moods as you pat him on your lap. Cavaliers are literally nicknamed ‘Love Sponges’ and are very easy to train.


Poodles easily win the content of being very cute and fluffy. This particular breed is also very active and loves being around their owner. They not only make great service dogs, they also make great therapy pets to keep at home. Poodles are great with kids and seniors who do not want to feel so lonely at home.


Viszlas are known to care for both themselves and their master. Their top-notch self-grooming skills leave them smelling great and are known to be healthy dogs throughout their lifespan. Their athletic lean body makes them ideal for the outdoors. Viszla love to play fetch with a stick or a Frisbee. They help you get social and love the outdoors again.


Therapy dogs help lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, and release endorphins into the body. You don’t have to face life alone; all you need is a therapy dog that will put a smile on your face and heart.

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