How To Cure Car Sickness in Dogs With 5 Easy Remedies

car sickness in dogs

It is a perfect sunny day for your pup to ride shotgun. As you speed down the highway, you notice your pup gagging. Could it be car sickness in dogs?

What is car sickness in dogs?

Car sickness in dogs is a lot like what humans experience when traveling. It has to do with the brain receiving conflicting information from the sensory systems that perceive movement when it happens.

The central nervous system receives movement signals from pressure receptors located in the inner ear, eyes, muscles, joints, and skin. Motion signals from all these receptors go to the brain for interpretation. 

Trouble arises when these receptors start sending conflicting messages. For example, if the dog is not staring outside the window of a moving car, its inner ear receptors will still sense motion. But the eyes do not record any movement. This conflict in signal is what causes car sickness in dogs.

Fun Fact

Car Sickness and Seasickness are the same things. Just different vessels

Car sickness in dogs symptoms

Vomiting is a common sign of motion sickness in humans. But in dogs, there are subtle symptoms to look out for before the actual vomiting happens. Early symptoms may include;

  • Excessive yawning
  • Pacing around restless
  • Excessive licking of lips
  • Too much drooling
  • Whining
  • Hanging the head
  • Panting
  • Drowsiness
  • Sweating in the paws

When you notice any of the above symptoms while traveling with your dog, make a pit stop along the journey. It helps your dog get some fresh air and recover before resuming the journey.

Making frequent stops along the way will prevent your dog from vomiting. But a more permanent solution is necessary to cure car sickness in dogs.

Car sickness dog remedy

Puppies and young dogs are more susceptible to car sickness. It is because they are still developing and finding their way around the world. But if motion sickness dogs’ symptoms persist in your mature dog, it can ruin their quality of life.

Luckily, there are natural remedies that make the best car sickness dogs cure. What’s more, you can find these remedies right in your kitchen!


Ginger is a perfect anti-nausea herb. It works like dimenhydrinate, a common ingredient in nausea drugs for humans and dogs. The beauty of ginger is that it is natural and has no side effects. Anti-inflammatory treats made with ginger are great for your dog to munch on while on a long car ride.


Catnip is an ideal sedative for both cats and dogs.  If you are using a catnip plant, do not give your dog catnip seeds; only stem, flowers, and leaves. If in drop form, add 12 drops into your dog’s drinking water. Continue adding six drops, in intervals, until the dog looks relaxed.


Good old fennel has the same sedative effect as catnip. It also relaxes a dog’s digestive system. What’s more, fennel herb has loads of vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and potassium. All healthy vitamins and minerals for dogs. Similarly, about 10 to 20 drops of fennel oil per 20-pound of weight is enough to calm a motion-sick pup.

Important: never give fennel to a pregnant or lactating dog


Dill is not only a nausea-fighting herb, but it is also great for relieving a bloated dog. Add a teaspoon of dill seed to eight ounces of boiling water. Let your dog have a drink when the water cools down.

Not every dog will love the taste of dill seed water. Luckily, you can hide the bland taste by adding a scoop of Bullyade pet supplements. Bullyade has a chicken and beef flavor that mask the taste of water and entices a dog to drink. Your pup will also be reaping the benefits of all 18 vitamins in Bullyade necessary for dogs


Chamomile is safe and has excellent sedative properties. It is also an ideal anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant for dogs. Also, chamomile reduces bloating, neutralizes stomach acids, and relaxes gut muscles. Fix your dog some chamomile tea to calm them before heading out. Plain chamomile tea is best. Mix it with a pet supplement to hide the taste.

Pup tip: use a tube feeder to hydrate a puppy that does not want to drink from a bowl.

More solutions for car sickness in dogs

Make stops where necessary to allow your dog to catch a break. Let them out of the car for fresh air before resuming your journey.

Keep your dog away from windows. Tinted windows reduce visibility, which helps combat car sickness in dogs. Consider keeping smaller breeds in a pet crate while traveling. A pet crate blocks their view of the fast-moving world outside, which reduces motion sickness. 

Consider using Benadryl to calm your dog. Benadryl has a drowsy effect that will soothe your dog before a journey. You can get car sickness dogs Benadryl as an over the counter remedy. Consult your vet first before giving your dog Benadryl.

Try not to feed your dog a few hours before a journey. Ginger doggy treats would be a great way to keep the dog full and still combat nausea and a bloated tummy. Also, chewing on something like a treat, bone, or chewy toy helps calm a motion-sick pup.

You can also help your dog overcome car sickness by desensitizing them. Take short 15-minute trips each day with your dog. It could be a drive to the mall or around a park. Have someone in the car to distract the dog if they start getting overwhelmed.


Traveling with your furry friend is fun. But if your pup suffers from motion sickness, try and make them comfortable for the whole journey. Ginger, catnip, fennel, dill, and chamomile are all-natural remedies for curing car sickness dogs. Also,  consider tinting your windows or using over the counter medication, like Benadryl, to combat motion sickness in dogs. Avoid feeding your dog before a journey and desensitize their motion-fear with short car trips each day.

Some dogs snap out of their motion sickness when they mature. But if car sickness in dogs persist, consult a vet before trying out all the natural remedies suggested.

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