How to Make Frozen Dog Treats with Bullyade

how to make frozen dogs treats with bullyade
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How to Make Frozen Dog Treats with Bullyade

No one can resist a frozen treat in the hot days of summer, not even your dog. Frozen dog treats taste delicious and help your dog cool down in the heat. Because let’s face it, wearing a fur coat in an 81℃ temperature is no fun.

Did you know…

Dogs suffer from dehydration as well? It’s worse for them because their bodies don’t expel excess heat efficiently. Your pooch only has two ways of letting out heat; the skin under his paws and his tongue. And this, physiologically, is still not enough.

You can tell your pup is getting bogged down by the heat if he starts panting a lot. His nose will get overly moist and while his gums redden. His heart rate increases, he passes less urine, he appears lethargic, and he may also drool excessively. It can get as painful as having heat burns on his skin.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. These symptoms may worsen if nothing is done to address this heat issue. But we do not have to get to the nasty side of things. Fortunately, you can help your pooch cool down by whipping up something chilled and delicious.

Here is a quick recipe on how to make frozen dog treats to get you started.  We slipped in some peanut butter to make it hard for your dog to resist.


  • Half cup peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp. flax seeds
  • 2 scoops of Bullyade
  • 1 cup of chopped fruit (it could be watermelon, strawberries, blueberries…etc.)
  • Water


  • In a bowl, add the two scoops of Bullyade and 12oz of water
  • Add the peanut butter into the water and stir until it is well mixed.
  • Pour the content into a Bundt pan. (any other pan would do. Alternatively, use your ice cube tray)
  • Add the fruit and flax seeds on top
  • Put the pan/ice tray in the freezer and chill for at most 6 hours

Bullyade Pupsicles

That’s it! Your delicious pup-sicles are ready for your pooch to try. If you used a large Bundt pan, cut the frozen treat into equal pieces and let your dog lick away. Ice cube trays are easy to work with as the frozen treats come out in uniform sizes.

Alternatively, there are Bundt trays that can make as much as 12 mini frozen treats. These Bundt pans come in different shapes too so you can be a little more creative with the popsicles.

More tips for your dog this summer

  • Your dog loses a lot of electrolytes through sweating. Luckily, Bullyade contains plenty of electrolytes to replenish the lost reserve. Bullyade water keeps him well hydrated too
  • Frozen delicious pupsicles are one way of helping your dog cope with the heat. Take him out for a swim and don’t let him play out in the sun for long
  • Play around with as many ingredients as possible. Try frozen yogurt pup-sicles and wash your pup go crazy about them. Bananas, honey, and coconut water are all healthy ideas to try out.
  • Add anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe your dog’s reddened gums. Curcumin from turmeric works wonders.

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