Number One Thing You Must Do to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

Number One Thing You Must Do to Keep Your Dog’s Hair Shiny

Number One Thing You Must Do to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

A clean shiny coat is one of the ways to tell if your dog is healthy. So the big question, what is the number one thing you must do to keep your dog’s coat shiny?

You are not alone. A lot of pet owners want their dogs to have a healthy and vibrant coat. But not all of us know the secrets of maintaining that gloss your dog has had since he was a puppy.

Which is why you came to the right place. We are going to unearth all the tips you need to ensure your canine friend has the most covetable coat in your neighborhood. And it is actually easier than you think.

The number one thing to do to keep your dog’s coat shiny is ensuring he is living a healthy lifestyle. We are going to break down into detail what this means and how you can make it happen. But first, we find out the reasons why dogs lose the natural shine on their coat.

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What causes dullness in a dog’s coat?

Is your dog scratching its coat a lot? This could be a sign of parasites like ticks and flea hiding in its hair. When parasites feed on a host, one of the common symptoms is a lackluster coat. The constant scratching also takes away from the shine of the coat.

A dog loses the shine on its coat if it is lacking vital nutrients in its meals. Some of the important nutrients the dog is missing are vitamins such as B2 and A. No matter how much kibble you give your dog if it does not contain all the vital minerals and vitamins, your dog’s coat will be dull. The same goes for homemade food that is not well balanced in nutrients.

The type of shampoo one uses to wash their pet determines the overall outcome of their coat. Some commercially sold shampoos contain harsh chemicals that deplete the natural oils off your dog’s coat. Washing your dog’s hair frequently can also deplete the coat of its natural oils.

Matting is another problem that causes dullness in a dog’s coats. Hair gathers and tangles in various spots causing inconsistency in the shine. This is easily corrected by regularly grooming your dog.

Skin conditions like dandruff and eczema will cause your dog’s healthy coat to lose its luster. The skin will always feel itchy causing your dog to lick and scratch themselves. If your dog does not receive immediate treatment, hair loss will occur.

A serious underlying illness like a tumor can cause your dog’s coat to dull. Hair loss may also be a second symptom of cancer. If you notice both symptoms in your dog, do visit a vet clinic immediately. When cancer is ruled out, then you can focus on restoring your dog’s natural shine back.

And now we are going to give you tips to keep your dog’s coat shiny.

How to maintain the shine on your dog’s coat

We have already established the one secret to a healthy shiny coat on your dog. It all dwells on the kind of lifestyle your dog leads.

By all means that lifestyle should be a healthy one. Here is what a healthy lifestyle should look like for your dog.

  • A Balanced Diet

Every dog needs a balanced diet to maintain a healthy shiny coat. There are vitamins that should never lack in your dog’s meal. The first vitamin is Vitamin A which is responsible for cell growth. This vitamin catalyzes the multiplication of hair cells leading to a thick and strong coat.

Another vitamin to consider is vitamin B. The whole group of Vitamin B are crucial because they also aid the growth of hair and encourages its natural shine. Other vitamins to include are vitamin C, E, and D. also, consider minerals like iron, Zinc which also help maintain a healthy coat in your dog.

Quality food for your dog must also include the good fats that promote hair growth. These are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Omega 3 works slowly on your dog’s skin and coat to improve its shine. Omega-6 is responsible for maintaining the beautiful shine on your dog coats. And it only takes a few days for Omega-6 to do its job.

With our currently busy lives, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the vitamins and nutrients your dog is getting in its food. Fortunately, there is a one-stop solution to giving your dog all the necessary nutrients.  Bullyade contains all the important vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay healthy. You can use Bullyade in your dog’s meals or add the supplement to its drinking water. This supplement also contains

  • Lots of Exercises

Always combine a balanced diet with a good workout for your dog. Your dog needs to exercise at least once a day to improve its digestion and release pent up energy. A good exercise improves the mood of your dog which will be visible in its outward appearance; a bashful face, wagging tail, adorable eyes, and a healthy coat.

  • Nourishing Doggy Treats

Dogs love nibbling on treats in between meals. If your dog has a sweet tooth, there are healthy snacking options for it like strawberry-yogurt frozen treats. Both ingredients pack lots of vitamins that directly benefit the hair. Yogurt has good bacteria that promote a healthy gut. If your dog has a healthy digestive tract, it will absorb all the nutrients in its food which in turn influence the health of its coat.

There are many other options for healthy doggy treats. You can recipes online or check out our Bullyade doggy treats post for inspiration. Quick tip, also throw in Bullyade as part of the ingredient in the recipes. You can thank us later!

  • Regular Grooming

Make it a habit to regularly groom your dog. Regular brushing helps get rid of matted hair and maintains the flow of hair on the dog’s coat. You also have to wash your dog at least once or twice a week. Use pet-approved shampoos that do not contain a harmful ingredient that will ruin your dog’s coat. A lot of companies making pet grooming products are going organic. A little research can lead you to the best organic pet shampoos available today.

  • Natural Oils

One phenomenal ingredient we will recommend here is coconut oil. Coconut oil influences hair growth and helps maintain a healthy scalp. This natural oil soothes inflammation caused by insect bites, dandruff, or lice. Coconut oil moisturizes your dog’s hair and adds to the shine and softness of its coat. Another huge benefit of coconut oil is stopping hair loss.

Final Word

We hope this information is helpful with regards to maintain the shine on your dog’s coat. How else have you improved the shine on your furry friend’s coat? Do let us know by messaging us on our social media pages.

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