How to Stop Your Dog from Digging Holes in the Yard

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging Holes in the Yard

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging Holes in the Yard

Imagine coming home to find your lovely sunflower garden all dug out and plants lying in a messy heap. You immediately spot the culprit, Chew Barka, sitting in a corner ashamed of his mud-smeared paws. How do you stop your dog from digging holes in the yard next time?

There are several reasons why your dog may be making craters all over your yard. Let’s look at the common behavioral problems and how to take care of them.

My Dog keeps trying to Escape

It is likely that your dog is digging a hole in your fence to escape. This may be a sign of anxiety or that he does not feel comfortable being in your home. The only way to stop this is by showing him more love. Be kind, gentle, supportive and never yell or scold your pup. A loved dog is always happy in the presence of its master and sees no need to seek solace elsewhere.

Dogs are very Curios

Your dog could be digging through the fence to get to something on the other side of the fence. Perhaps your neighbor has a dog too and your pooch is eager to make their acquaintance. If both dogs appear friendly to each other, then you can arrange with your neighbor to have them meet each other. This should put an end to your pooch’s curiosity.

Dogs are Attention seekers

Dog’s will look for ways to attract attention if they are not getting any. Some dogs will whine, others will chew at things, then some go the way of digging the yard. It is important that you find time to spend with your dog and help him expel his pent-up energy.

Take him out for walks in the morning or evening. Take him to the park and let him run around exploring the new territory. How much play he gets will depend on his breeds; some breeds may need more outdoor time than others.

Dogs like poodles and retrievers are born natural hunters. So the digging could be a way of him putting his hunting instincts to use. Find time to take your dog for hikes in the woods. He will be more than happy to chase around squirrels and badgers. If you’re lucky, he could even catch a jackrabbit to roast on the campfire later on.

Dogs Like to Cool Down

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In the summer time dogs tend to over heat even in moderate temperatures.  Some dogs will look for a shady tree, while others will Digg a hole deep enough to cool down their bellies.  In order to help stop your dog from digging holes, provide your dog with an area designed to keep them cool at all times.  This will eliminate their need to dig a hole and save you the extra bath.  BULLYADE HELPS REGULATE THEIR BODY TEMPERATURE & HAS 18 VITAMINS

Dogs Love Grub worms

Dog think Grub worms are also a delicious protein snack.  The big problem with allowing them to consume grub worms comes with the soil. The soil is infected with parasites, so don’t let them eat this tasty snack.  Ensuring they are getting plenty of food and all the nutrients they need, will remove the desire to dig for grub worms.

Get your dog the right toy

Toys are a great way to distract your dog from digging the yard. A chewable squeaky toy or a tennis ball to chase around could be all he needs. A toy like the food maze will entice your dog to play because there is a delicious reward waiting at the end. Place one of his favorite cookies into the tray and leave it to him to find it.

Secure your yard

Some dogs are just too menacing to be controlled with any of the above methods. In such a case, what you can do is build a ‘barrier around the perimeter of your yard. A lot of dog owners use motion-sensing sprinklers to deter their dogs from snooping around the fence. For those looking for a cheaper alternative, try rubbing cayenne pepper, vinegar, or citrus peels at the base of your fence. This will cause enough sneezes to keep him off the fence for good.


The above tips should help you stop your dog from digging holes in the yard and tame a pooch that likes to dig. If none of the above works, you may have to keep your pup confined in a crate or a lockable dog house outside. But let’s hope you don’t get to this last option.

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