What Dog Vitamins Are Important For Your Pup’s Health?

dog vitamins
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Vitamins are necessary for the growth and development of a dog’s body and health. Here is everything you need to know about the required dog vitamins.

A dog’s vitamin needs are quite different from those of humans. It is why your pup cannot benefit from the same vitamin pills prescribed for humans.

Also, did you know that a third of pets in America are on one form of vitamin supplement or the other? Many of these supplements address issues with dog skin, coat, and joints.

What vitamins a dog needs will depend on;

  • Diet 
  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Health issues


If a dog is eating a high-quality diet, it will not require vitamin supplementation. Supplementation, however, will be necessary for a dog that is on a raw diet. As it is harder to balance nutrients in a raw diet, dog supplements for homemade food are required.


Younger and older dogs need more vitamins compared to adult dogs. Adult dogs with a disease that causes vitamin-deficiency may also require supplementation.


Dogs that lead an active lifestyle require more nutrients to give them strength and energy. Sedentary pets still need their vitamin intake but in fewer quantities compared to active dogs.

Health issues 

Besides sickness, some dogs have a hard time absorbing nutrients through the food they eat. Supplementation is a way of delivering the necessary vitamins to prevent further health problems. If your dog has a disease affecting his normal digestion, he may have to supplement with vitamins as well. 

What dog vitamins are important for canines?

The vitamins necessary for a dog include;

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for canine vision. This vitamin also lowers the risk of prostate cancer in dogs. Want your dog’s tissue and skin to be healthy? Ensure he is getting lots of vitamin A in his meals. Research has shown that foods rich in vitamin A (carotenoid complex) lower the risk of lung cancer. Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant too. It blocks the formation of cancerous cells and reduces the risk of canine cataracts. 

Vitamin A Sources; dogs can get lots of vitamin A from fish oil, liver, and eggs. Other sources of vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, turnip greens, and pumpkin. 

Recommended vitamin A dosage

Dog Size Daily dosage (IU)

Vitamin D 

Mammals can draw vitamin D directly from the sun. For dogs, however, their thick coats get in the way of them absorbing enough vitamin D from sunlight. So they have to find other ways of supplementing this vitamin. Dog vitamins D deficiency in puppies can cause growth and development problems. It leads to stunted growth, bone deformity, and delayed teething. Insufficient vitamin D in dogs also causes rickets.

Sources: fatty salt-water fish, dairy products, and fish liver oils.

Recommended vitamin D dosage 

Dog SizeDaily Dosage (IU)
Toy 100
Medium 200
dog vitamins D dosage

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that eliminates unstable molecules that cause damage to body cells. This vitamin fortifies vitamins A and C protecting them from destructive oxidation. Also, vitamin E improves blood circulation, speeds up wound healing, and improve nerve function. Vitamin E slows down organ damage and improves body performance. 

Sources; leafy greens, whole grains, vegetable oils, and wheat germ.

Recommended vitamin E dosage

Dog Weight (lbs.)Daily Dosage (IU)
dog vitamins E dosage

Dog Vitamins K

Dogs need vitamin K to activate the proteins and calcium they absorb from food. This vitamin helps the blood clot faster too. Also, vitamin K combines with calcium to improve hip and joint health.

Sources: cabbage, broccoli, spinach, kale, sprouts, and collards. Vitamin K is plenty in the liver, milk, and eggs too.

Recommended vitamin K dosage

Dog Weight (lbs.)Daily Dosage (mg)
dog vitamins K dosage

B Vitamins for dogs

B vitamins are referred to as complex vitamins as well. They comprise vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cobalamin).

  • B1 is a core vitamin for converting food to energy. It promotes healthy muscles, skin, and hair. Vitamin B1 is essential for nerve and brain function as well.
  • B2 also converts food into energy. It also nourishes a dog’s hair, and skin, B2 is important for blood production and healthy brain function.
  • B3 promotes healthy skin, brain, and blood cells. It also helps in energy production and healthy nerve function.
  • B6 reduces the risk of heart disease. This vitamin also improves sleep, appetite as well as mood. B6 is one of the vital vitamins for healthy cognitive and immune function.
  • B12 also reduces the risk of heart disease. This vitamin also helps in breaking down Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. B6 is one of the essential vitamins that help protect the cell and never function.

Sources: poultry, fish, beef, venison, and bison. B6 is also available in cheese, soymilk, milk, and eggs.

Vitamin D Dosage

Dog Weight (lbs.)Daily Dosage (mg)
dog vitamins D dosage

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C supplementation boosts immune function. It reduces the risk of canine cancer that affects the stomach, mouth, skin. Also, vitamin C slows down cataracts in aging dogs. This vitamin triggers the production of collagen necessary for the healing of wounds. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that neutralizes unstable molecules that cause cell damage.

Sources; vitamin C is plenty in vegetables, fruits, and organ meat. 

Recommended vitamin C dosage

Dog Weight (lbs)Daily Dosage (mg)
 < 25 100 to 250 
25 to 50250 to 500
50 to 75500 to 1000 
75 to 1001000 to 2000
dog vitamins C dosage

Finding it hard to keep up with your dog’s vitamin needs?

Trying to get your dog’s vitamin needs correct can be daunting. But it does not have to be if you can find a one-size-fits-all solution for your dog or dogs.

Bullyade pet supplement has high-quality dog vitamins and minerals necessary for your dog. It Is formulated with the right vitamins to help your puppy’s growth and development. Mixing Bullyade with water helps hydrate a dog that is suffering from dehydration, Coccidia, Parvo, or puppy diarrhea.

You can buy Bullyade in Chicken or Beef flavor in case you have a finicky dog that does not properly hydrate.

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