10 Ways How Dogs Show Love to Humans

how dogs show love

10 Ways How Dogs Show Love to Humans

Ever wondered how dogs show love? Read on to discover 10 ways in which your a dog can say ‘I love you’ to his favorite owner.

Dogs have emotions just like humans. The only difference is that they use body language and not words to express them.

Dog Wagging the Tail

One way how dogs show love to their owner is through wagging the tail.  A dog wagging its tail is the equivalent of how we smile when we see people we like or know. However, dogs can also express different emotions through wagging their tail.

The way a dog positions its wagging tail says a lot about its mood and personality. In addition, the pattern of the wags can tell you whether your pooch is happy, anxious, timid, or feels threatened. Also, you should judge a dog’s tail wag by its respective breed; Terriers have their tails high up while Greyhounds have theirs low.

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Every dog has its normal tail position. If the tail is wagging rapidly in this position, then your pooch is indeed relaxed and happy with you. If the tail wags slowly above its normal position, the dog is alert to something or is showing dominance to another dog. On the other hand, a slowly wagging tail, below the normal position, could be a sign of fear, anxiety, or your pup feels threatened.

The tail is always a ready indicator for judging your dog’s mood. Unless he is a Doberman then you will have to look for other cues.

Warm welcomes

If your canine friend always runs to meet you at the door when you get home, he likes you. He has been eagerly waiting all day for you to return to him. If he has a wild personality, he will be jumping all over trying to reach your face and lick you. If you have taught him well, he will rush to you, sit and wag his tail on the floor.

Your pup should always run to you full of happiness and a heart to please you. However, if you notice he appears nervous and restless around your feet, something could be wrong.  You need to get him checked.

Calm gaze

If Bingo is always looking at you with soft adorable eyes, that’s just another way how dogs show love to humans they like. A calm soft gaze or what is called puppy gaze has been scientifically proven to be a sign of love in dogs. They usually have a spike of Oxytocin (love hormone) in their blood which causes them to look so mellow towards you.

On the other hand, a strong icy gaze is a sign of trouble. It means a dog feels threatened or he just does not like the human or animal in front of them. An icy stare is a warning to keep off but if the intruder does not heed, a fierce growl follows. Any more agitation and the dog will snap or bite.

Puppy Snuggles

You would give anything for the warm snuggle of your pup. Dogs snuggle close to those they love and feel comfortable around. It also means he trusts you because you are his caregiver and the one who looks out for him.

On the other hand, snuggling could also be a sign of neediness. A sick or timid pup would crawl up to you for comfort. It may feel loving at the time, however, it is important to nurse the poor pup to full health or confidence.

Dogs loves your company

Does your pooch follow you everywhere you go? Great, it means he really likes you! Dogs love the company of humans who are willing to play with them, feed them, or give them attention. You can always tell who the dog-person by watching who the family dog follows around.

If your pooch stops tailing you like he used to, there could be a problem. Maybe he feels you no longer have time for him, is afraid of being around you, or someone else has beat you to the title of ‘Bingo’s favorite human’.

Regain your glory by showering him with treats and spending time with him like you used to.

Dogs loves to play

A dog that likes you is not afraid to indulge you in its play time. After all, you are the only human who is always willing to play fetch, or take him to the pack to play with other dogs. In addition, if you are the one who trains and exercises him frequently, he naturally assumes you are his favorite human to play with.

Dogs Yawning

It has been scientifically proven that dogs can mimic the actions of the people they like. The next time you catch Charlie yawning simultaneously with you, then know he loves you. Yawning could also be a way of showing empathy to a grieving human.

Dog Smiling

Sounds crazy right? However, it is true that dogs do smile. He will look like he is panting but watch the corners of his mouth. If they curve, know he is smiling back at you. Some dogs will have their eyes wide and bright as well to show their excitement. This often happens whenever he sees you pick up his favorite toy or wear your running shoes. He knows it’s time to go out and play.

Dogs Lean against you

Just like cats, dogs lean their bodies on humans to show their affection. He will do this as you serve him some water or a bowl of his favorite meal. Moreover, a dog will lean its body on you as a sign of empathy. He is trying to comfort and cheer you out of your gloomy mood.

Puppies Chewing or Stealing Your Stuff

Though annoying, another way how dogs show love is through stealing or chewing your stuff. The little rascal can’t wait for you to open the bedroom door so that he can dash in and chew at his favorite shoe in your closet. He will make you run after him until you catch him. This is his way of goofing around with the world’s most favorite human.


Dogs are very intelligent and can tell if your affection is genuine towards them. If your pup is contended with how you treat him, he will show it through any of the signs above. You can make your canine pet even happier by lavishing them with Bullyade treats.

Let us know how dogs show love to you on the comment section.

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