20 Best Pet Gifts to Get Your Dog This Christmas


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As you gather your family to unwrap your Christmas presents, your furry friend doesn’t want to feel left out. Since he is part of the family too and has behaved himself this year, he definitely deserves his own Christmas reward. Without further ado,here are the best pet gifts to get your dog before Christmas.

1. Ceramic Dog Bowl

Ceramic dog bowls are in fashion so your dog will feel elated for getting one. Unlike plastic pet bowls, ceramic dog bowls boast of a stylish finish and can be engraved to add to their aesthetics. You could have exciting patterns inscribed on the bowl like bicycles, sailor’s anchor, the shape of your dog’s favorite treats, or your dog’s name (make him feel special). Ceramic bowls are also superior in that they are heavy thus remain in place as your dog drinks or feeds. If you own a hound or terrier with an acquired taste for fine things, this would be one of the best pet gifts that show how thoughtful you were this Christmas.

2. Pet Lounger Bed

Tis’ the season to be jolly and relax for everyone in the home including Bailey. Since she has been a good dog this year, why not get her a pet lounger bed to spend her afternoons and evenings relaxing?  A pet lounger bed is made from high-quality fiber that makes the bed plush and comfortable for your dog. The inner cushions are also secured together using zippers to ensure they don’t come off. This is the perfect bed for a pooch that loves to dig through its bed destroying the cushion. You can get this lounger bed in multiple colors and patterns to match your home decor or your dog’schilling spot.

3. Custom Harness

Since it’s the festive season, there will be plenty of outdoor activities to indulge with your dog. A custom harness is a great way to keep your pooch close without making him feel like a slave (you know how he feels about the leash). What’s more,modern dog harnesses have reflective stripes that glow in dark environments. So you are reassured that Baxter won’t get lost in the crowds while you both enjoy the Christmas fireworks on display. A custom harness is also fitted with metallic rings to fit a leash on. A gentle pull on the leash applies gentle pressure on the harness giving your poop the idea that you are making a pit stop. This harness is made from breathable material and padded for comfort.Customize the gift with your pup’s name to make him feel special.

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4 An Exercise Pole 

No matter how busy you get this Christmas (last minute rush to the store, restocking on fire wood et al) you can still find time to exercise your dog. The snow outside could be inches thick but Bingo won’t hear none of it. Instead of watching him sulk all day in his favorite corner, you can induce some fun indoor playtime with a pet exercise pole. It’s a great toy designed like a fishing rod with a braided cloth where the fishing hook should be. If your dog loves playing tug of war,this is the toy to get him. Dangle the end of the exercise pole around and let your pooch chase. You can make your dog dash across the floor, go round in circles, or jump greater heights to catch the ever elusive clothe. It not only provides good exercise, but his mind is engaged too as he keeps guessing where the cloth lands next.

5. A Pick Pocket Pouch

No, you are not going pick pocketing with your dog. A pickpocket pouch is just a fancy tiny bag that can be fastened onto your dog’s harness. It provides a convenient place to store house keys, a mobile phone, doggy treats, or poop bags. As you head outwith your furry friend, you are assured that your phone is in a safe place and Charlie is happy you will scoop after him when he makes a mess. Dog pickpocket pouches come in a variety of colors so you can pick one that matches your dog’s harness. The pouch is made from durable and waterproof fabric to keep the contents inside safe.

6. Pet Raincoat

There is bound to be a lot of precipitation this winter. As you bring out your umbrella and jacket, ensure your pup has a pet raincoat too. If not, you can get one at an affordable rate online. Modern pet raincoats come in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes to fit dogs of all heights and shapes. The raincoat comes with adjustable straps to make it convenient for you to reach under the coat and pull a poop bag, treat, or your car keys. The raincoat is not only waterproof,but it is also fitted with reflective stripes in case you come back home late or decide to go out at night.

7.Dog Jumper

When it’s gloomy outside, but not too wet, a dog jumper is great for keeping your pooch warmer.Even if your pup has loads of fur on him, it can get really chilly outside and he will need some reinforcement on his natural coat. Pet jumpers come indifferent sizes, from extra small to extra-large, to suit dogs of all sizes. It is carefully measured and tailored to ensure it fits snugly. There is fleece lining on the inside for added warmth and the jumper is made from a light material so it doesn’t weigh heavy on your pup. It is one of the best pet gifts your pup will enjoy this winter season.

8. Pet Lighting Box

As the weather gets duller, your pup may also grow anxious or depressed because of not seeing the sun like he used to. It’s called seasonal affective disorder and it affects both dogs and cats. Luckily, you can still make life feel normal for him with a pet lighting box. This is an LED light kit that is originally designed for cats but it has shown to have a positive effect on dogs too.  If your pup loved basking in the sunlight during summer, he will be drawn to this light. Placing the light box beside him is a form of light therapy that uplifts his moods and helps him sleep better.

9. Treat Tosser with Camera

Wonder how to keep your dog busy as you tend to your many guests this festive season? Easy all you need is a treat Tosser fitted with a monitoring camera. For your dollars, you get a state-of-the-art treat dispenser fitted with a full HD camera and a bark sensor. This product is also two-way chat enabled to facilitate communication between you and your dog. As you leave your pup home, the treat Tosser will sense his whining or barking and give you an alert on your phone. You can then use your phone camera to see what the fuss is all about. Use the two-way chat to speak to your pup and assure him you will be home in a minute. When his tail starts wagging, press a button on your smartphone and the gadget tosses a treat to him. You will never worry about being an absentee parent again.

10. Pet Multivitamins

What better gift for your dog this Christmas than ensuring he is in perfect health all-season. It is a known fact that most dogs are bound to get seasonal sickness during winter. Rather than let your pooch catch the sniffles or the coughs, you can fortify his immune system using pet multivitamin supplements. These supplements (Bullyade) pack all the vitamins and minerals (all 18 of them) that are vital for ensuring your dog’s health and physiology functions properly. Another great advantage of pet multivitamins is that they are soluble in water and come in a variety of flavors. You can use supplements to flavor and nourish your dog’s drinking water or make tasty and healthy Christmas treats for him.

11. A Floating Playing Disc

Again, playtime is really important for your pooch this festive season. So, if you are putting together the best pet gifts hamper for your furry friend, ensure there is a floating playing disc in it. This is a versatile toy that will be handy for play in all seasons. In summer, you can throw it into a pool or lake and let your pup swim across to retrieve it. This disc is made of a tough foam to maintain its shape and also not get damaged when your dog bites into it. In addition, the disc has abrasion resistant lining to ensure it lasts longer.It’s bright and yellow colors make it easy to spot the disc no matter how far you throw it. You don’t have to stop play for your dog this winter, get him a floating playing disc.

12. Dog Reflective Lead Dog Leash

If you really have to leash your dog, at least let the leash be a modern and stylish one. This reflective dog leash is multipurpose in that it comes with a waste dispenser and a nylon storage pocket. Your evening strolls with Bingo have become easier since you have a place to store your keys, phone, and poo bags as you walk your dog. The leash is 3 meters long and is made of reflective material to make it visible at night. The leash handle is made of tough material to absorb the pull when walking a large dog.

13. Personalized Pet Home Sign

This Christmas is all about making your pup feel special. Part of the best pet gifts you put under the Christmas tree should be a personalized pet home sign. Let’s face it,your pup has been wanting to have his own space in your home for ages. This is a perfect time to get him an indoor crate with a pet home sign that says who owns the crib. It can be made of wood or durable metal engraved with your beloved pet’s name.

14. Pet Urine Detector

A pet urine detector is something you should have gotten a long time ago. Nevertheless, it is still a perfect Christmas gift for your pup because it helps clean after him. Dried up urine is very hard to spot especially if your pooch decided to goon the hardwood floor. Next time you walk into a room and smell Baxter’s urine,just shine this UV flashlight around the area you suspect. Voila! A bright pattern is illuminated on the floor showing where Baxter marked his territory.It makes cleaning easier as you only focus on the urine spots.

15. Pet Sleeping Bag

Apart from the lounger bed, getting your pup a sleeping bag is also ideal this festive season.Perhaps you decided to try something different this Christmas by going camping with your family. Rather than let Molly snuggle in your sleeping bag again (not that you mind the soft fur and warmth) you could get her a pet sleeping bag. It’s plush, warm, and snugly you might be tempted to cuddle with Molly this time around.

16. Pet Winter Boots

For the canines that love to run in the snow, dog winter boots make the best pet gifts for them this Christmas. These boots are made from a flexible waterproof material that ensures your pet’s paws are comfortable as they hop through the snow. The pet winter boots come in different sizes to fit all dog breeds and sizes. You could have your pup’s name embroidered on the boots for a more personal touch.

17. Travel Bowls

Travel bowls are great if you will be spending Christmas in the wild with your canine pet. These travel bowls come in a convenient set that allows you to store and transport food safely. The bowls can be stacked to allow you to carry both food and water without any spills or mixing. In addition, these bowls are safe and come in various appealing colors.

18. Pet Dog Scarf

Dogs look good in scarfs too and they can get the most out of them this winter. A pet dog scarf is not only cozy, but it’s also great for accessorizing a dog’s jumper or harness. If you care about how fashionable your pooch looks this Christmas, get him pet dog scarfs in different colors for variety.

19. Pet Bowtie

How does a pet bowtie pass as one of the best pet gifts for your pup? Well, it may not keep the winter cold away but it is great for those family photo ops. If you have not yet sent out the images for your Christmas postcards, you could get Bingo in a bowtie before clicking the camera. It’s hilarious and shows how much you appreciate your furry family member.

20. Dog Chews

Snacking is a dog’s favorite pastime and dog chews are top on the list of chewable best pet gifts for your pooch. Dog chews have a milky flavor laced with salt and lime juice.The chewable sticks are low odor and smell like smoked cheese. Just leave your pooch with a few chewable sticks and he will still be on them when you are back.


Tis the season to be jolly and be generous in gifting. As we gift our family and friends we love,we should not forget about our canine friends either. There is still time to  shop, so get one or two of the above best pet gifts and make your pet’s Christmas special.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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