Potassium For Dogs, The Benefits Of (Potassium Chloride) in Pet Food

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Benefits of Potassium For Dogs (Potassium Chloride) in Pet Food

Potassium ranks third as the highest nutrition occurring mineral in both humans and animals. Like calcium, it is also found abundantly in all foods you feed your dog. As a mineral, potassium intake has to be regulated as well for your pooch to reap its full benefits.

Sources of Potassium

If you are feeding your dog quality dry kibble, he is already getting all the potassium he needs. On the other hand, those who care for and are feeding their dogs a raw diet can incorporate fruits and vegetables which are rich in potassium too. Feed him salmon and chicken pieces as well which contain elements of potassium in them.

A third option is to get your dog potassium pet supplements that contain potassium as part of the ingredients.

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Bullyade can provide much of the potassium your dog needs daily.  Click here to learn more.  

Benefits of potassium in dogs

Here is why potassium is an important mineral in your dog’s diet.

Muscle growth and strength

The mineral potassium is essential in boosting muscle growth. It sparks the rapid growth of muscle cells which contributes to stronger muscles. In addition, potassium helps the muscles contract and relax which improves the motor skills of your dog.

Muscle growth and strength are important if your dog is to do well in training and exercise.

Boost metabolism

Potassium helps your dog digest and absorb nutrients faster. Just like phosphorus, this mineral catalyzes the extraction and transfer of energy from nutrients. Moreover, potassium is a vital component that assists in the breaking down of fats and carbohydrates.

Neural Function

Potassium boosts the cognitive function of your dog. It directly strengthens the neural paths from the brain to the rest of the body. So if your puppy is naturally intelligent, like the poodle or mastiff, having optimum levels of potassium in his body will help maintain his sharpness.

Vets also recommend healthy doses of potassium because it leads to higher brain function in dogs especially memory and learning.

Promotes bone health

Potassium works together with calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy bones and teeth in your dog. Potassium helps keep your dog’s internal PH levels optimum. With acid levels regulated, your dog can retain calcium in his bones and blood. Also, studies show that dogs that regularly receive their daily dose of potassium have a higher bone density.

Maintains Organ Function

One of the long-term benefits of potassium is the promotion of optimal organ function as the kidney. Your pooch needs potassium to keep his heart, kidneys, and liver in good condition. In addition, potassium improves the digestive system of your dog leading to better absorption of nutrients from the food he eats.

When to boost potassium levels in dogs

If your dog eats a high-quality diet each day, then you need not worry about a potassium deficiency. On the other hand, there is no harm in boosting his potassium levels with supplements. Supplementing with potassium is necessary only if your canine is having conditions like deficiency of the mineral.

Potassium deficiency can occur if your dog is suffering from renal disease. Moreover, if your dog is constantly vomiting or having diarrhea, he is likely to lose a lot of potassium from his body. Start supplementing your dog with potassium if he falls sick and needs to recover faster.

The recommended dose of potassium for all dogs is at least 20mg a day. Potassium pet supplements already contain the right amount of potassium required by your dog.  Always talk to your veterinarian to make sure you are on the right track.

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