Puppies for Sale: Adoption Tips for Choosing Puppies

puppies for sale

Are you considering puppies for sale? Great! There are so many options for puppy adoption on the pet market. However, how do you choose a furry fellow that will fit your lifestyle and also compliment your personality?

There are two options for buying puppies for sale and adopt them as your own. The first one is by visiting a pet store or puppy mill that buy and sell pups to potential pet owners. The other option is through professional puppy breeders who will help you choose a puppy from a litter they are in charge of.

Why You Should Be Cautious about Puppy Mills

There is nothing wrong with buying puppies from an established puppy mill. There are pet stores that sell rescued puppies and have a long list of clientele who trust them. However, you are limited to only choosing puppies for sale that are available.

Puppies sold at pet stores are weaned off from their mother way early. The pup does not have a developed personality because he did not interact with her mother and litter mates enough. Also, puppies at pet stores were not necessary born under favorable conditions; most of them come from puppy mills where the mother was confined to a cage when giving birth.

On the other hand, it is possible to get lucky and find an adorable well-mannered puppy from a pet store or puppy mill. These are pet owners who choose to take their puppies for shelters or mills for a number of reasons. Perhaps the previous family is moving to a new apartment that restricts pets or they realized having a puppy demands lots of time and resources.

Note that most, but not all, puppies for sale at mills or shelters are victims of neglect or cruelty. Some of these puppies will kick back to life with some training, exercise, proper diet, medical care, and your personal attention. Be sure you are willing to commit the time to nurse and rehabilitate a puppy to full recovery as you consider puppy adoption.

Breeders are the Best

Breeders such as ThePackXXL have time to spend with the litter and understand the personality of each pup. They have carefully selected the parents to ensure certain desirable traits are passed on to the litter. Most important, breeders can answer every question you have about adopting a new dog.

Once you identify a few puppies for sale breeders you want to pay a visit to, ensure you leave your contacts with them. You want to be on the top list of potential buyers they will call when a new litter is birthed. You should be one of the few lucky people to adopt the healthiest and friendliest pups from a new litter.

Buying puppies from a shelter give you time to interact with the puppies once they are born. Breeders usually organize shelter visits when the new litter is about 8 weeks old. By this time, the new puppies have interacted with each and their parents. They have also developed a personality which you will get to see when you make the visit.

Build rapport with the breeder so they let you spend time with the puppies. What you are looking for is a friendly puppy that is curious about this new visitor and shows excitement by wagging its tail. He will be at your feet sniffing at your shoes and stare at you playfully.  He may even invite you to play with him or just crawl on your lap so you can pat him. In short, he will melt your heart on first encounter and that way you just know he is the one.

On the other hand, be wary about a puppy that is shy or isolates itself from the litter. This anti-socialness is undesirable if you are looking for a family dog. On the other hand, a puppy with a dominant personality may end up bullying other pets in your home. However, if you are looking for a guard dog, then a dominance personality isn’t that bad.

Rehoming a puppy

There are additional things to consider before bringing puppy home.

How much Space does a dog need

Is your home big enough to accommodate the new furry member of the family? Do you have enough backyard for exercise and potty training? If you leave in an apartment, you may have to create a play area for your puppy using baby gates. This will also help restrict the furry fellow to one area and prevent him from making ‘accidents’ all over the house.

Moreover, you should consider the size of your dog when determining the space you will give him. If he is a toy breed, he does not require much in terms of personal space. On the other hand, a large breed, like a St. Bernard, will demand a bigger house or yard to raise him in.

Puppy Health

Puppies need a little more attention medically compared to mature dogs. Their immune systems are still developing which means they are more susceptible to diseases when they are young. Ensure you vaccinate your puppy to boost his immune system. In addition, feed your young dog a healthy diet filled with multivitamins and minerals necessary to boost his immune system.

If you are challenged in balancing his diet, you can always boost his nutrition through pet supplements. Fun fact, mix breeds rarely have health issues as they grow.

Dog Grooming

Puppies require plenty of grooming as they grow. You have to bath them. brush their coat and teeth, clean their ears, and clip their nails. If your dog is a heavy-shedder, grooming demands will increase as he grows.

Puppy Exercise

Your new puppy will need plenty of exercise to remain healthy. Schedule time for walks or playing with him at the park. If you have a spacious backyard, let him run around the compound exploring new things.

You also need to train your dog to be a well-mannered dog. This means potty training him to ensure he does not leave stinky messes wherever he feels like. You also need to teach him to never jump on people, dig holes in the yard, or wander far from home.


Adopting one or two puppies for sale is a long-term commitment. Get a puppy with a charming personality and with no history of health issues. If you warmed up to the little fellow on the first encounter, your family will love him too!

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